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Personalized Pregnancy & Postpartum

Would you like to be confident working with pregnant clients and KNOW that you can help them reclaim their body after delivery?

Personalized Pregnancy and Postpartum will give you the insight and skills to direct your clients through this special time.

Once you enroll in our course you will be invited to join our private Facebook group where you can submit your questions and I will answer them promptly.  This 12 hour course is pre-approved for 12 NPCP (PMA) credits.  Upon completion of this course and successfully passing the quiz, you will receive a certificate of completion which you can submit for CECs.

We look forward to having you in our course!

How & When

4 Three Hour Sessions

Take the 4 sessions at the times that best fit into your life and schedule.

  • Contraindications During Pregnancy
  • What To Do During Pregnancy
  • Diastasis Recti
  • Pelvic Floor & Lactation


Katrina is the owner of Personalized Pilates in Scottsdale, AZ and is a Master Teacher Trainer for Balanced Body.  She is board certified in holistic nutrition and works with clients worldwide.  Oh yeah, and she’s had 7 children.

Session One

Contraindications During Pregnancy

Each pregnant body is different so we will equip you with the understanding of what is going on so that you can customize their workout to their changing needs.  

We will cover the contraindications of pregnancy as well as the why behind each one of them.  We’ll apply this to Pilates and flesh out which Pilates exercises would actually be contraindicated.  

Session Two

What To Do During Pregnancy

First, we will bust the myths commonly held about pregnancy and go through how Pilates can address each one.  This program is focused on understanding the whys behind the recommendations and the practical application of them.  Therefore, we will cover specific pregnancy Pilates exercises as well as insight into which Pilates exercises you already know that are awesome for pregnant clients.  

We’ll give you a few Pregnancy workouts on the different pieces of Pilates equipment but we’ll also give you the tools to dynamically create your own workouts based on the understanding of the process.  Pilates is amazing for optimizing the pregnant body when you understand it! 

Session Three

Diastasis Recti

Ever wonder why some pregnant clients get a Diastasis Recti and others don’t?  

Most Diastasis Recti programs simply focus on avoiding flexion.  We will go much deeper and look at the forces that come together to disrupt the normal dynamics in the abdominal cavity to cause this condition.  

We will discuss how to identify it, how to help prevent it and how to help close it.

Session Four

Pelvic Floor & Lactation

Then we’ll take it further and examine how those same forces disrupt the pelvic floor and how to progressively restore its function.  Every client is a unique individual and needs this work tailored to their specific body – which you can do using your Pilates skills.

As a bonus, we’ll cover the practical considerations of lactation.  What do you need to know about working with a client that is lactating?  We’ll discuss the physical and emotional concerns that will allow you to best support your client during this delicate time.

Additional Learning


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Accelerator is for Pilates instructors ready to take their skills to the next level. Your teaching goes to great depth by learning the imperative skills of muscle balancing, cueing techniques, posture assessment, vision casting, & value adding statements. READ MORE....

Personalized Pregnancy & Postpartum


katrina foe Bio

Katrina discovered Pilates and what it could do for her body as a Modern Dance major and while completing her physical therapy internship she discovered that Pilates incorporates both her love for general fitness and rehabilitation.  While still an undergraduate, she began her Pilates training by taking the mat and equipment training through the PhysicalMind Institute.  She continued her training with Stott Pilates by taking their comprehensive training program and traveling to Canada to study at their headquarters with Moira Stott.  Katrina has also been awarded the title 2nd Generation Master Pilates Instructor by Lolita San Miguel, who is only one of 2 people left alive that was trained by Joseph Pilates.

Katrina opened Personalized Pilates in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2001 and has enjoyed watching the studio expand to help more clients enjoy movement and feel good in their bodies.  She has been conducting Pilates teacher training since the studio opened as well as offering continuing education workshops across the country at private studios, gyms and conventions.  She has also developed a complimentary education program called Liftoff that helps mentor instructors in training anywhere in the world while they complete a Pilates comprehensive teacher training program.  Her Accelerator course helps experienced instructors take their teaching skills to the next level.

She has taken workshops from Ron Fletcher, Mary Bowen, Kathy Grant and Lolita San Miguel who all were trained directly by Joe Pilates himself.  Katrina is also a Master Trainer for the Bodhi system and Bosu which are pieces of equipment that add fantastic balance and stability challenges.  Internationally, Katrina teaches at many Pilates conventions including Pilates Method Alliance, Pilates on Tour, Pilates Style, Pilates University and the MS Fitness Convention.   She traveled to Florida many times to teach the Anatomy in 3D as part of Lolita San Miguel’s Masters Program for Pilates instructors as well as having personally studying with Lolita.  As part of Lolita’s program, Katrina was also able to study personally with Julian Littleford and Brent Anderson. 

Inspired by her personal journey of healing her breast cancer naturally, she has continued her education and become a functional nutritional therapist through the Nutritional Therapy Association and is board certified in holistic nutrition.  She has also taken advanced training to read and interpret lab work functionally through Restorative Wellness Solutions where she now serves as faculty as well. She works with private clients around the world to help them on their health journey.  She works to address leaky gut, parasites, insulin resistance and diabetes, hormone imbalances, osteoporosis, thyroid dysfunction, autoimmune conditions, infertility, cardiovascular inflammation, cancer, adrenal dysregulation, the menopause transition and more.

Katrina is the mother of 5 beautiful girls and 2 handsome sons.  She has been blessed to have been able to practice Pilates through all her pregnancies and have most of their births at home.  Although her love for Pilates is vibrant, it does not compare to her love for her children which are her greatest joy.  Katrina is passionate to help raise up the next generation to understand how to take care of their bodies both through movement and nutrition.